Review Policy

I love it when I’m contacted to review a book. However, I cannot accept all review copies. While I will look into any book offered – even from self-published authors – I will not accept the copy if:

  • The book doesn’t seem like something I am interested in. If I believe I will dislike a book, I will deny a request to review it.
  • I don’t have the time to read and review the book. If I don’t feel that I will have time for the book in the near future, I may say no to reviewing it for that reason – even if I do think I would enjoy it.
  • It’s not in the right format. I strongly prefer digital copies, so I may say no to paper copies just for that reason.

When given a book for review, I will state so under the source section of my blog reviews and at the top of my reviews on Goodreads. I will always post reviews both here and on Goodreads, and don’t mind being asked to place it elsewhere if needed.

My genre preferences are as follows:

  • Nearly any young adult – the only genre I will not read in this category is horror.
  • I mostly read contemporary books, usually romance, but I also enjoy fantasy, mystery, and poetry.
  • I will read children’s books, and adult books, and for any age group in between.
  • If your genre isn’t mentioned here, feel free to contact me anyway. If the story sounds interesting, I’m not that picky about genre.

I will always answer review requests, even if it’s only to say ‘no.’ You can expect an answer within 48 hours, although the wait will probably be shorter.

Also, please note that I cannot promise to always write positive reviews. I will be honest, but polite, and all criticism will be targeted towards the book, not the author/publisher it was sent by.


If you are interested in sending a review copy or need further information, please contact me here:

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