Discussion: Delirium Pilot

It’s difficult to gather my thoughts on this.

My thoughts the whole way through were this was rushed, or it didn’t happen this way in the book. I think they could have done much better had they not tried to fit an entire book into one episode. There was no connection between Alex and Lena because they had to remove or rush through every bonding moment between them.

Despite that, my only real problem (besides Alex/Lena) was the mom/dad situation. Why was there even a reason for this? Not only did they keep Lena’s dad alive rather than her mom, but he was a scientist. Her mom CARVED her way out of the prison in the books, using love – the whole point in the series. But in this her father got out because of science? I would be interested to know where they were going to go with that whole thing – how did he do it, and is her mother dead then?

Complaints aside, I did really enjoy watching this. I’m betting it would have only improved from here as it slowed down, and things probably would have connected much nicer after that. I am disappointed they aren’t continuing, because I would continue with the series if they did!

If you guys watched the pilot you should let me know what you thought. Did you like it? What were your favorite and least favorite parts?


8 thoughts on “Discussion: Delirium Pilot

  1. I just finished watching it and have very similar thoughts. Way too rushed, no character development at all. Also, Hana annoyed me, as did Julian. I hated that they were going to make him Hana’s love interest.

    I’m sad that it wasn’t picked up and they couldn’t make a real go of it. The casting wasn’t half bad.

  2. I never read the books because they just didn’t really intrigue me, but I did watch the pilot. I felt the same way that it was very rushed. I felt like it kept jumping from one thing to the next and didn’t really have a nice flow. Speaking from someone who doesn’t know the story I was kinda of overwhelmed because there was so much going on in a short amount of time.

    • It’s nice to hear from someone who hasn’t read the books! I had a brief thought while watching that it might be more confusing if I didn’t know what was going on already.
      The thing is, they literally fit the entire first book into one episode – AND added characters that weren’t there until the second/third books. They probably could have stretched all that to make a couple seasons, really.

      • Like I understood the basic concept and I don’t know how it is covered in the book, but there wasn’t really any backstory or real character development happening, They just kind of threw everything at you. Like it makes me wonder what they would have done if they did get signed on for a season.

      • I feel the same way. They must have been planning to add in a lot more subplots or something, because using all of book one in the pilot wouldn’t leave so much from the books to work from.
        Hopefully they would have eventually slowed it down though!

      • They are just silly! I feel like usually the first book has so much depth because it introduces and explains everyone/everything and to throw in all in one episode was just crazy. But I guess we will never know what would have happened 🙂

      • Definitely. They missed so much by practically skipping it in the show!
        And yeah I guess we won’t. Apparently there’s talk of someone else picking it up if it’s popular enough, but I doubt it will happen.

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